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Panta Racing Fuel is an Italian company placed in Bagnolo Cremasco, present in the market since 1975. It is associated to the group (Italiana Energia y Servicio), also is memeber of the hungarian group MOL. 

Panta Distribuzione supply fuel all over the North of Italy. The Competition sector started in 1989 due the necessities in the racing scene striking with an innovative structure of I+D on constant product develop for the championships specifications.   

During the 90’s Panta Racing Fuel got prestigious results as supplier in several Italian championships and internationals, later making association with the most importants teams and drivers of the moment.

The 2000’s challenge, started with important invest on logistics so the company could be able to reach all Europe areas. 

Nowadays Panta Racing Fuel is supplying competition fuel in the European, american,african and asiatic  continent being the leader in the racing fuel market globally.

Panta Racing Fuel develops and produce:

  • RACING FUELS FOR CAR AND ENGINES to guarantee the best teams the best performance at championships.
  • Wide broad of REFERENCE FUELS (RF) and SPECIAL FUELS (gasoline and diesel) for automotive industry.

Panta Competition Fuel , has become a strategic partner for Federations and Championship Planner about the Racing fuel supply , guaranteeing and excelent quality, high level of performance and the complies of different country regulations. 

Nowadays, Panta Racing Fuelis the official supplier for the main Italian , european and international championships sharing the sportive success of several Racing teams. 

Panta Distribuzione SpA complies the regulation ISO 9001:2008.