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Fuel Control

Several national and international racing championships have chosen us as their official fuel supplier with fuel monitoring service. This means that all runners must use the fuel designated by the organizer for all races. We support these championships by being on site for the entire race weekend, including official test days.

The fuel is delivered to each competitor in drums and we collect the empty ones once the event is over. Replacement fuel is always available and sealed drums the ones that have not been used can be returned.

We do fuel samples on site with our own qualified personnel for analysis. It is mixed with a special chemical with the so we can check easy if has been modified

Control de Combustible Imax Motorsport

The advantages of hiring the fuel control service:
• Our fuels are very consistent and help protect engines from knocking, better oxygenation and reduce component wear.
• Create a field of equality between all competitors.
• We work closely with the series organizers to develop a series of joint marketing initiatives.